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Dryer Vent Cleaning & Repair FAQ's

Why is vent cleaning so important?
Proper vent maintenance will reduce the amount of time it takes to dry a load. A dryer with a blocked vent can take 3 to 4 times as long to dry costing upwards of $3.00 per load compared to $.75. If your dryer is unable to let the hot air escape properly it will produce an unsafe amount of heat. This becomes a huge fire risk. When your dryer gets too hot a switch automatically shuts it down, Dryer Fires occur when this switch fails.

How often do I need to have my dryer vent cleaned?
Most Dryer Vents should be cleaned at least every two years. Some dryer ducts need more attention. Some Determining factors include:

• How many people are using the same dryer?
• Is the dryer more than ten years old?
• Is your dryer vent more than ten feet long?
• Does your dryer vent have at least one 90 degree turn.
• Does your dryer vent have a screen?

Why should I use Jax Vents?
We will treat your home and your dryer like our own. We have the skills and the equipment to get your dryer vent clean. We stand behind our work and test output to assure maximum ventilation.

How do you clean my dryer vent?
Our Cleaning Process incorporates a rotary brush paired with a high powered vacuum cleaner. Our brushes are able to snake to the end of your vent, releasing all lint and debris. At the same time the vacuum is sucking it out. We will locate and clean your exterior vent cap whether it is up on the roof, side of the structure or under the slab.

How long does the vent cleaning take?
Most vents can be cleaned within an hour.

What should I do prior to the technicians arrival?
Remove all items in and around your washer and dryer, the less stuff in the way the better. Also, remove all clothing from washer and dryer. We are dog and cat friendly but sometimes it is best to keep them clear of the work area due to open doors and loud vacuum noises.

What type of connecting hose do you recommend?
We will use the existing hose unless it is plastic or has holes in it. We carry suitable replacements in case the hose has to be replaced.

Chimney Sweep Cleaning & Repair FAQ's
Most homeowners in this area have little working knowledge of chimney and venting systems. This situation is complicated by the fact that faults, damage and problems are rarely visible to the casual observer. The threat of chimney fires and unsafe indoor air quality conditions can be greatly reduced, perhaps even eliminated, if homeowners only understood that chimneys require regular maintenance.

What is the Chimney Sweeps Role?
The primary job of a chimney service professional is to monitor your chimney, clean and maintain your chimney, and to prescribe changes to improve its performance and safety.

What is a Safety Inspection?
The Chimney Sweep serviceman will check the condition of your firebox, damper, and flue to determine typical problems such as built up creosote, mortar deterioration, obstructions inside the flue, and malfunctioning damper parts. He will alert you to any problems that he finds and provide you with a written estimate for any needed repairs. You are under no obligation to contract us to do such repairs, however, it may not be safe to continue using your fireplace until those problems are addressed.

How Often Should My Chimney Be Cleaned?
We recommend that you have your chimney cleaned every year or about every cord of wood burned. If you notice an odor or that your fireplace is not drafting properly, call us to inspect it before continuing to use it.

What Causes CREOSOTE or "Soot"?
Creosote or "soot" is caused by simply burning materials in your fireplace such as wood. There is no way to prevent the build up of creosote. Now you are probably asking, "What is creosote?" It is basically unburned fuel that gathers in the form of black powder, flakes, or a baked-on glaze, depending on the degree of build up. This is one of the main causes of chimney fires. When there is an excess build up of creosote in the chimney and temperatures rise, the soot is ignited and an actual fire is started inside your chimney, showering your roof with sparks.

What Causes Smoke Problems?
• Dirty flue/chimney preventing draft
• A bigger or smaller flue than needed
• Improper air pressure in the house
• Wind direction
• Obstruction in flue
• Damper not opening properly. Sometimes more than one thing can contribute to the smoking problem.

What is a Spark Arrestor?
A spark arrestor is a metal screen that catches sparks and hot embers that may escape your chimney if not in place. Today spark arrestors are commonly built into chimney caps which our company can provide and install for you.

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